The ‘Bad Boy’ of Bollywood

Salman and controversies go hand in hand. He has often been named as the ‘Bad Boy’ of the bollywood.  A celebrity who launched his own foundation named Being Human, a charitable trust, to help the underprivileged section of our society. A superstar who has helped cancer and AIDS patient extensively through his charity.”I’ll do films idhar udhar but charity will be my priority. I’ve got so much and I want to give back something,” he says.



With more than 3.2 Million followers on twitter, over 26221730 likes on his Facebook page and hundreds of unofficial-fan club pages across the social media, Bhaijaan remains one of the leading star on social media. He is being loved by his fans, I not being the exception, with all their hearts. This minting machine has given 10 back to back 100 crores films to bollywood and who also has critically acclaimed performances in “maine pyaar kiya”,”garv”,”Tere naam.” He also has one national award on his name however it is for “actor in supporting role, well who cares. There are number of achievements in his pocket and in this article I can’t write all of them. Since my childhood I have been his die hard fan but after his back to back controversies and what he has achieved other way around which is not acceptable by the society is making me to say out loud that I am not his fan any more. Yes Bhaijaan, your fan who has watched your recent movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ twice in just three days of its release is saying your acts are making me not to follow you any more.

Let me pen down some reasons why I have decided to cross over the loyalty camp. Starting from the year 1999, when you with your co-stars from ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ were accused of hunting endangered chinkara and black buck deer while shooting in Jodhpur for the film. I mean, c’mon Dude, you ain’t a ‘Tiger’ in real life. Gone are those days when people posed with their dead prey beneath them.

Later in the year 2002, under the alleged influence of alcohol you ran into a bakery in Mumbai. One person who was sleeping on the pavement died and three others were injured in the mishap and you also repeatedly tried to dodge away the incident by putting all the blame on that innocent driver of yours. Your latest blockbluster had a dialogue when Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi aka Bajrangi say ‘Bajarang Bali k bhakt hain, mar jaenge par jhooth nahi bolenge‘. Then why don’t you speak up who was behind the wheels that night, man???

How can someone forget Aishwarya Rai’s harassment case? we all know she was your true love but you simply can not stalk and harass a girl. Even corridors of the bollywood were abuzz by stories of ousting of Aishwarya from SRK-Rani starrer ‘Chalte Chalte’ because of constant disruption by you during the scheduled shoots and you just did not stop there you also threatened not so famous Vivek Oberoi. Subsequently, you come up with a brawl with Shahrukh Khan.

Last year, along with Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt and others you were slammed for performing at Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav’s Saifai Mahotsav even as children died in relief camps in Muzaffarnagar for want of proper rehabilitation. You were being accused of not ‘being human’ this time. While Alia Bhatt apologised, you and Madhuri reacted angrily stating that you were simply doing your job.

Apart from many more controversies I have just mentioned few but the point here is being your fan we ignored all your controversies and just blindly followed you.

But now you came up with a new controversy through your tweets condemning the SC judgement of hanging Yakub Memon and sought justice to be done to him. I am a law student and as far as legally concerned Yakub Memon has committed grave offences like criminal conspiracy whose punishment can extend up to death penalty; aiding, abetting and facilitating in a terrorist activity which has a punishment of life imprisonment; illegal possession & transportation of arms and ammunition which has a punishment of rigorous imprisonment of 14 years and possessing explosives with intent to endangered lives which has a punishment of 10 years rigorous imprisonment.

Their are several well known personalities from all walks of life across the country, who have endorsed a mercy petition addressed to the President drawn up by six of the most distinguished judges we have had in recent times – Justice Panachand Jain; Justice A. Suresh; Justice S.N. Bhargava; Justice P.B. Sawant; Justice K.P. Siva Subramaniam; and Justice K. Chandru. But then my simple question is why does this appeal not originates from the common masses?? It is time for stars like you to transcend on Earth and encounter reality what hardships did families of those 257 people who die and over 700 injured people had to undergo in that unfortunate incident.

A person who is being accused of killing three innocent lives in 2002 hit and run case comes up with his ironical tweet “one innocent man killed is killing the humanity.” In my opinion by posting such things you are just mocking yourself. Judiciary has adjudicated this case based on evidences and then only Yakub Memon has been held guilty on the basis of those evidences.

 Although you came up with series of tweets apologising and clarifying your stand on the issue after your father, Salim Khan, cracked the whip. Bhaijaan, you are such an eminent personality your fans blindly follows you, you are expected to possess social and moral obligations exponentially higher to act responsibly and not post such meaningless tweets. Considering the 24×7 emotionally charged reaction of Indian populace your nonchalant tweets might just have direct impact over your fan base and eventually losing that love and affection amongst them.

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