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The fall and fall of JNU

Hi! it’s your fellow responsible citizen here! remember me? I’m one of you, I believe that what Afzal Guru  did was a downright act of terrorism and I believe that the death penalty so...

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The ‘Free’ in Basics

“Something which is branded Internet , it’s not Internet” – Tim Berners-Lee We were taught in school that the basic amenities required for life were food, water, clothing and shelter. The modern day influx...

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India and Pakistan have a common border, history and culture. Both the countries with more than 1.5 billion population combined together comprise two largest countries of South Asia. Despite their proximity both the countries...

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D.K. Ravi: Our Dark Knight

Who was D.K. Ravi?, and the answer, ironically, would shock most of us, an honest and hardworking IS Officer, cleared the 2008 UPSC Entrance , with an All India Rank of 34. One of...

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