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FADING EMPATHY- An Ode to the Detached

Detached was what he called, a cool brat of his kind; for rolling down tears were old fashioned and benevolence, whim of a stupid mind.   Can’t be lessening compassion, as solicitude was never...

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Do you support Section 377, the anti-LGBT law?  No!! How can any human with emotions support it?? …. Do you?  Yes!! How can any human accept such a thing?? Funny but it is interesting...

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I am Sec. 377

‘I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me’, said Tim Cook, CEO Apple . How far does this hold true in India. Being born in typical middle class Indian family...

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The love of my life.

In her early days.. She was full of life.. Growing without the apprehension of what had to come as the days will pass…Then came the day… She was slowly picked up by those needy...

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Known Perpetrators

Being a female in this society is a challenge in itself. It doesn’t really matter that you’re of what age, what matters is that you should have a v*gina. It shouldn’t be a surprise...

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The Cleavage Controversy

A leading daily in India put up a video on its web portal with the titillating headline “OMG! Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show” and thereafter flared up a raging controversy. The reason why so much...

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