Confession of a Damsel

Dilemmatic, with a blush of surprise,

Carried away with the dreams in her eyes,

She looked at him, with wishful eyes.

 Amongst the random thoughts crossing her mind,

Dawned to her, the reality of her life

She asked herself, “Is he the one?”

Adrenalin rushed through her flesh and bones

She sweared to God, this is no jones.

She wondered if this is it.

An arranged marriage was never the plan,

but growing age freaks every man.

She had to take this risk, she knew

and opened her heart for all  the dues.

Little did she know, this path was no easy,

Failures and acceptances, can make you real dizzy.

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Image Source:

Of course, looks were important,

they had to match each other,

and repute and a good job

added to the good figure.

Pacifying her self, she made up her mind,

Society has to be blamed,

for suppressing her wimps,

to choose on her own, the one of her kind.

Fortunate she was, she thought,

Oh no pressure I face,

I pity the soul who has no say,

For their eternity’s chase.

Married, she is today,

Happy to be and lucky, she believes,

Or who gets the man of her dreams,

With a tray of tea and cookies.

Perception is all that matters I say,

Destined to be, is a big risk to take,

They aren’t the choice of which is the the better shoe

but understanding how it is to be in another’s shoe.

As rhetoric as it may sound,

It is the gut feeling, which is worth the bound.

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  1. gokulbalu says:

    A really wonderful poem with an equally interesting back drop, but I have a question I would like to ask to the poet, “which is more important an honest liking or financial and physical compatability?”

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