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Heartbreaks Are Real

A sudden pause. Then life around you seems to move in slow motion. Yes, the typical Bollywood movie style. You can feel your head lift, eyes drift off to an unknown point, your chest...


An inspiration.. RIP.

“Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.” – A.P.J Abdul Kalam “All Birds find shelter...

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Oh thou, my child! Why torn robes you wear? My little sister sleeps inside, she said She needs a cosy nap and bed. Oh thou, my boy, Why wound your thumb on facet? An... 0


There are times when you want someone by your side but no one is there to comfort you. There are times when you want to be left alone, cry out loud, run away and...

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Should we have any? Or should we not? Can we lead a regret free life? I think it is a universal problem. Almost all of us have had regrets at least once in our...

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Mourners of Deceased

What will happen if I die? Unusual for starters, But just a thought across the mind paved way for the brooding mind. Death, a strong expression, brings an end to an embarked journey, Mourners...

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FADING EMPATHY- An Ode to the Detached

Detached was what he called, a cool brat of his kind; for rolling down tears were old fashioned and benevolence, whim of a stupid mind.   Can’t be lessening compassion, as solicitude was never...

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The love of my life.

In her early days.. She was full of life.. Growing without the apprehension of what had to come as the days will pass…Then came the day… She was slowly picked up by those needy...

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What if!!

What if the world we live in was just an illusion What if the sane world was actually a delusion What if the sky was yellow and I saw it blue What if the...

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