About Us

India is a huge country with a humongous population. More than half of the population is not literate. But the other half consists of large number of people. And still how many voices do we in effect hear even when social media has engulfed our lives? One of the reasons for this is that sometimes people are too shy to share their views out on online platforms because of a pre- supposition that only an article which has jargon in it qualifies for getting published on a website.
UrbanChaupal is here precisely to break out of such typecasts.
‘Urban’ means cities- the developed areas of a state. And ‘Chaupal’ essentially is a place primarily in villages or small towns where people gather, sit and discuss their local issues. And thus the name UrbanChaupal. It is a platform for every individual to express their thoughts and ideas. Our aim is to publish as many artistic work as we can with certain substantive contents. And by ‘artistic work’ we do not mean to compartmentalize or stereotype. Because an idea can be worthless for one person, but that very same idea might become a source of inspiration for others. So, here we are to give an opportunity and a platform to those with even the smallest of a keeda of artist in them to showcase their talent in form of articles, essays, poetries, images, audios, videos and comments.
Now,brief mention about our project. This is going to be a discussion portal representing INDIA & BHARAT. When we say India and Bharat, it primarily focuses on our thinking process. All INDIANS think with a little westernised touch or inclination towards them. But all BHARTIYAS have indigenous approach
in their rationale.They think of their surroundings and environment before reaching to any conclusion but Indians are more self-centred and do not heed to what others say. Their lifestyle differs, family set up differs. Both the fractions have completely different upbringing and education system. Neither of them can survive sans the other one but they both have conflicting ideologies yet with certain vacuum in their interaction. Our one aim is be to bring these two together, and/or free the modern Indian who is caught between these two.
No one is perfect but one should never stop aiming perfection. With this motto, Let us take a step forward to bring out that much needed change in the society with our pens and pencils. On that note singing off with a belief of working with you.

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