Monthly Archive: March 2015

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D.K. Ravi: Our Dark Knight

Who was D.K. Ravi?, and the answer, ironically, would shock most of us, an honest and hardworking IS Officer, cleared the 2008 UPSC Entrance , with an All India Rank of 34. One of...

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Majority V/S Minority: THE LOST HUMANITY

“Will I be humiliated out of my own country?”, “Will I be burnt to death?”, “Will my church be burnt down?”, “Will my head come under the sword of some politically motivated hindutva group?”...

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Unity in Opposition-When you Agree to Disagree

In our country at present, apart from unity in diversity, there is unity in the opposition,the political parties in opposition that is. The new government was formed in May, 2014, with a decisive mandate...

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